HANDSTATT - premium German brand

Very probably you are visiting our website to look for modern, high-quality leather products. If so, you have come to precisely the right place!

My company has specialised in combining a number of customer requirements in the products it develops. What customers need is changing today at a dizzying pace due to globalisation and rapid technological development. So it is only logical that the demands placed in product features are shifting constantly as well. But there is one thing I know for sure: regardless of how the times change and technology advances, there is one requirement that customers have shared for millennia and will always appreciate, namely:
  • outstanding product quality!
That’s why high product quality is so essential to my company. But it’s not the only priority. We also want our products to thrill you with their
  • functionality (attachment features for technical gadgetry),
  • innovation and
  • sophisticated design.
Combining these requirements in leather products is a Herculean task. We firmly believe nevertheless that we are heralding a new age of leather fashion. After all, I do not see many companies making leather products that blend ‘old world’ crafts with the requirements of modern (technological) lifestyles. The range of colours in our leather folders alone speaks for itself.

Originally I came up with the idea for my products during a music lesson. I was 33 when I took up an instrument and discovered the world of music. It was and has remained an ideal way for me to destress. I noticed very quickly the lack of practical and modern folders for discerning and quality-conscious musicians. For instance, there were times when I wanted to jot down the music on the sheets in my folder in the traditional way, while on other occasions I preferred a more technical approach, reading the notes on my iPad. But there were no workable products to harmonise the classical world with the modern age. Either they were fairly useless budget merchandise or stodgy-looking folders with an unattractive design. My idea for a leather folder evolved from this realisation. I set about designing a modern and premium-class folder. Initially intended just for myself, it soon became apparent that there was a significant market out there. And as the positive feedback continued to grow, I eventually decided to launch the product, naming the first series “Born” …
Besides music, I’m a keen amateur aviator, and I noticed a similar gap in the market here as well. So there’s something special on the horizon! We will be presenting an innovative new product for this area in the coming weeks.

Drop by and take a look if you have a penchant for quality, design, innovation and exclusivity.

We can gladly accommodate your individual wishes for your own bespoke product at any time.
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Faithfully upholding its quality standards, HANDSTATT blends classic design with the modern world as a company befitting any age.

I vouch for this with my name.